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29-31 October 2009 at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, CA


This second workshop initiated by HFAG follows a series of similar workshops that have been been organized by the B Factories over the past decade. These informal meetings have become a valuable venue for the exchange of ideas between the theorists and experimentalists working on semileptonic B decays and related topics. Over the years, measurements of the CKM matrix elements |Vcb| and |Vub| have improved dramatically, however, significant theoretical and experimental challenges remain. It is hoped that with the full data set from BABAR, Belle and CLEO now available and considerable advances in theoretical calculations our understanding of inclusive and inclusive decays can be considerably improved and the measurement of |Vub/Vcb| ratio can eventually become a stringent test of the Standard Model of flavor physics.

This workshop will focus on inclusive and exclusive semileptonic decays and related theoretical computations, paying particular attention to the interpretation of the current data and improving the strategies to analyse data from the B-Factories, as well as from the Tevatron, and soon also from LHCb and BESIII. Complementary information from purely leptonic and radiative B decays will be included. This workshop will not be another heavy flavor conference, but a forum for lively exchange of ideas through free and informal discussions.

The program is still being developed. We envisage an introductory session with some longer talks in the afternoon of Thursday, October 29th, to be followed four sessions on inclusive and exclusive B to Xc l nu  and B to Xu l nu decays on Friday and Saturday.  As in the past, most of talks should be very short, focusing on the essentials, stressing uncertainties and problems, and also give a projection for future improvements.

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