For the first time you can now simulate both LDC and SiD detector concepts in a same software framework, to be sure that the differences in performance come really from the different geometry approaches using the same simulation, reconstruction and analysis tools for both proposals. Concerning the SiD concept, new two models are available with Mokka 5.0 release:

  • SiD01 implements the SiD detector concept using the detailed calorimeters and so on from LDC, but with the parameters adapted the best possible to agree with the current SiD proposal.
  • SiD02 implements the SiD detector concept using also the calorimeters and so on from LDC, but without modifications except for the calorimeter inner radius and the Z dimensions to agree with the Si tracker device.

For both models the magnetic field is 5.0 tesla.

Output compatibilities

As the SLIC output has its own hits collection names, in order to read lcio files created by Mokka using reconstruction or analysis programs written to co-work with SLIC the user should map the hits collections for the SLIC default names, perhaps to merge some collections (or to adapt the reconstruction or analysis programs) . The Mokka SiD models generate the following his collections:

VXDCollection : hits in the VXD barrel;
FTDCollection : hits in the VXD end caps;

SiDBar00Collection : hits in the Si Tracker barrel;
SiDFwd00Collection : hits in the Si Tracker end caps;

EcalBarrelCollection : hits in the Ecal barrel;
EcalEndcapCollection : hits in the Ecal end caps;

HcalBarrelRegCollection : hits in the Hcal barrel;
HcalBarrelEndCollection : always empty for SiD models;
HcalEndCapsCollection : hits in the Hcal end caps.


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