Several LCIO user extensions have been requested, this page is designed to be a place to collect such requests and discuss them. Please add comments to this page, or edit the page to add your ideas.

  • Ability to add user defined classes
  • Interoperability with ROOT, e.g. tha ability to read LCIO files in ROOT
  • For the SimCalorimeterHit, it would be nice to also have the possibility to store the actual hit position as well as the cell position. This would allow to study charge sharing effects in e.g. the MAPS pixels

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  1. Interoperability with ROOT is not something which can be solved by extending LCIO unless you are suggesting that the LCIO classes extend TObject. The LCIO object model and persistency format are public, so anyone interested in using ROOT to access LCIO data can easily implement a reader.

  2. Energy deposition in calorimeter cells arising from particle showers usually represents the sum of very many individual contributions. Saving the energy, time, position and Monte Carlo particle parentage of each such contribution is normally not done because of the prohibitively large size of the resulting data file. It is, however, possible to conduct such studies using slic and making some minor modifications to the detector specifications. Please let me know if you would like to pursue this.