This page is deprecated.

This page is obsolete. LDC software should be installed using the ilcsoft-install script provided by Jan Engels.

Installing and Testing MarlinReco on Linux


The MarlinReco package provides a suite of reconstruction software including an event processor and event display.

These are step-by-step instructions for installing on Linux.


  1. Create a working directory
    mkdir MarlinReco
    cd MarlinReco
  2. Obtain and unpack the installation files
    tar -zxvf MarlinReco_Linux_install.tar.gz
    cd linux
    tar -zxvf ilcsoft.tar.gz
  3. Use the latest MarlinReco from CVS (OPTIONAL)
    This URL into your browser:;tarball=1
    cd marlin/0.9.1/packages
    rm -rf MarlinReco
    tar -zxvf MarlinReco.tar.gz
    cd -
  4. Update the hardcoded /opt/products path for your installation
    chmod 755
    . marlin/0.9.1/
    . marlin/0.9.1/env.sh_ORG
    . marlin/0.9.1/userlib.gmk
  5. Setup ROOT (OPTIONAL)
    source # specific to my environment
  6. Set the Marlin environment
    cd marlin/0.9.1
    source env.sh_ORG
  7. Rebuild Marlin and the MarlinReco packages (OPTIONAL)
    gmake clean
  8. Reconfigure CED event display (OPTIONAL)
    Skip this step if you have the Mesa GLUT library installed into /usr/lib.
    cd ../..
    cd CED
    cp /path/to/ . # only if not in standard location
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)
  9. Start the event display
    glced &
    No you should see glced in the process list.
    [1206 $] ps
      PID TTY          TIME CMD
     4853 pts/9    00:00:00 glced
  10. Run an example
    cd $MARLIN/packages/MarlinReco/examples/LDC
    $MARLIN/bin/Marlin steer_ldc.xml

Now, you should have MarlinReco running with CED displaying events.


MarlinReco Documentation - with step-by-step installation instructions, including ext deps

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