FTP Data Server

Sample datasets are publicly available for ILC detector studies via anonymous ftp from ftp://ftp-lcd.slac.stanford.edu/lcd/ILC. These include LCIO event files and (usually) the Stdhep files used to generate them. You can use a browser such as IE or Firefox to navigate the FTP directories.

Directory Structure

Top-Level Directories

The top-level directories correspond to specific machine parameters or diagnostic event types.

  • ILC1000 - physics events with 1 TeV machine parameters
  • ILC500 - physics events with 500 GeV machine parameters
  • ZPole - Z Pole diagnostic events

Directory Substructure

This is the substructure under each of the above directories.

  • event type - complex or single particle event type, e.g. ZZ, ZPole, muons, etc.
    • stdhep - input StdHep files used to generate the events
    • detector name - detector geometry tag, such as sidaug05.
      • data file format - output datafile format, e.g. LCIO or SIO
        • simulator - simulation program that generated the events, e.g. lcdg4, slic, lelaps, mokka, etc.
          • logs - simulator job logs

Example Directory

Relative to the top-level dataset directory, LCIO output for ZPole events simulated with SLIC using the sid01 design can be found at
ZPole / sid01 / slcio / slic.

The corresponding logical structure is
event type / detector / data format / simulator.

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