The 1st test pass before starting the pass 7

While not all items are checked in the pass7 checklist, a test pass 7a "tpass7a" is produced.

It has only two runs 5772: from 0.5mm dataset, and 5611: from 1.5mm data set.

More than 100 files from each run are cooked.

hps-java tag: v111317

v0_steer/org/hps/steering/production/V0CandidateFilter.lcsim (Another steering file should be used, for actuall pass7)


Thrown Exceptions

three type of thrown exceptions were observed

Exception messagecomment
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Matrix is singular

Event reconstruction stops.

Affects 37 % of files from 5772, and 15% of 5611 (1.5mm)

INFO] [org.hps.evio] Caught 4 SvtEvioHeaderExceptions for event 30080880 of 4 types:

SvtEvioHeaderMultisampleErrorBitException SvtEvioHeaderApvBufferAddressException

SvtEvioHeaderApvFrameCountException SvtEvioHeaderApvReadErrorException

Seems this is only a message, event reconstruction doesn't stop

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: dphi is large 3.2688829482255612

from phi0 -1.638781685234575 and phinew 1.6301012629909863 take care of the ambiguity!!??

Event reoonstruction stops.

Affects 5.9% of files from 5772, and 3.8% of 5611 (1.5mm)


The Recon directory structure

All the files are in the following directory


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  1. After merging in iss243 I am running over the unblinded partitions of run 5772. So far I have encountered the WTrack issue which would have triggered the "Matrix is singular" exception in partitions 110, 390 and 40. The track was skipped, a warning message was printed and the reconstruction is continuing.