Some info

This pass called a "tweakpass6" is actually not a reconstruction pass.

Instead in this pass reconstructed slcio files from pass6 taken as an input

to hps-java, which using already reconstructed tracks, applies global alignment

tweaks to track parameters.

This is supposed to be equivalent of reconstructing a track with a "tweaked" detector.

In addition to above changes

  • In this pass track states in 1st and 2nd layer of SVT is added
  • Event time is calculated using the RF time, which is determined through the highest energy cluster in the event. The cluster indices of that crystal is preserved 
  • This pass has a new format root files "from ntuple maker", that were previously used, but wasn't considered in the pass, it includes Moller, fee, and tri skims
  • v0 skim is dropped, since it was determined to be "too tight"



This uses revision 4657

JAR:  /u/group/hps/hps_soft/hps-java/hps-distribution-3.11_rv4657.jar


On tape data is located at /mss/hallb/hps/engrun2015/tweakpass6/

The data directory tree is following

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