Release Notes - HPS Java - Version 3.4.0

Release Date

Oct 10 2015

Jenkins Build

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LCSim Version



Release for Engineering Run 2015 Pass 3 reconstruction.

The 3.4.1-SNAPSHOT jar was used for launching the Pass 3 jobs, and it should be equivalent to this release.


  • [HPSJAVA-576] - EventHeader.getTimeStamp() should return event's UTC time in nanoseconds
  • [HPSJAVA-608] - Add buffer address check in EVIO conversion of SVT banks.
  • [HPSJAVA-612] - Add apv read error check in EVIO conversion of SVT banks.


  • [HPSJAVA-616] - Reorganize and cleanup logging configuration

New Feature

  • [HPSJAVA-605] - Add SVT error bit information to lcio
  • [HPSJAVA-609] - Add script wrappers for command line programs
  • [HPSJAVA-610] - JAS3 cannot open certain StdHep files


  • [HPSJAVA-602] - Add missing url property for plugin dep


  • [HPSJAVA-92] - ECAL single e- calibration into the Conditions system
  • [HPSJAVA-536] - Add missing files
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