Release Notes - HPS Java - Version 3.4.0

Release Date

Sept 10 2015

Jenkins Build

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Release for Engineering Run 2015 pass2 reconstruction.

Page 3 in this talk lists major improvements, some of which do not have JIRA items.


  • [HPSJAVA-516] - Warning about scatter not found in GBL output driver
  • [HPSJAVA-559] - Missing EpicsScalarData collection
  • [HPSJAVA-564] - Bias constant times depend on client time zone


  • [HPSJAVA-488] - Refactor conditions API
  • [HPSJAVA-517] - Restructure conditions tag data in the database and add new API classes
  • [HPSJAVA-548] - LCIO-Persist x/y Positions Extrapolated from SVT tracking to ECal
  • [HPSJAVA-554] - Change conditions import to accept CSV rather than whitespace delimited
  • [HPSJAVA-562] - Add scaler data values to lcsim event header parameters
  • [HPSJAVA-569] - Improved central sampling fractions from recent monte carlo
  • [HPSJAVA-570] - Change start and end dates from Timestamp to Long
  • [HPSJAVA-572] - Add tracking strategies that use layers 123, 345 and 456 as seeds
  • [HPSJAVA-582] - Modify TrackDataDriver so it's able to process multiple Track collections
  • [HPSJAVA-584] - Move Track-Cluster matching out of ReconParticleDriver into it's own utility class and set the cuts that will be used for pass 2
  • [HPSJAVA-590] - Modify ReconParticleDriver so it's able to process multiple track collections
  • [HPSJAVA-594] - Rewrite scaler data backend in run database
  • [HPSJAVA-599] - HpsReconParticleDriver should vertex e-e- tracks
  • [HPSJAVA-600] - Use 3D field map when matching tracks to clusters

New Feature

  • [HPSJAVA-123] - Implement Data Quality Management module
  • [HPSJAVA-195] - ECAL time walk correction
  • [HPSJAVA-196] - ECal cluster time reconstruction
  • [HPSJAVA-322] - Add trigger performance & monitoring plots to Online Monitoring
  • [HPSJAVA-544] - Add ECal pulse widths to conditions system
  • [HPSJAVA-550] - Add CSV import and export to conditions collection API
  • [HPSJAVA-558] - Add API for accessing run summary information
  • [HPSJAVA-560] - Add EcalPulseWidth to EcalChannelConstants
  • [HPSJAVA-565] - SVT position constants in conditions DB
  • [HPSJAVA-566] - Add SvtMotorPosition condition
  • [HPSJAVA-567] - Add persistency of EPICS header to LCIO GenericObject
  • [HPSJAVA-568] - Add export of EPICS data from EVIO files to CSV
  • [HPSJAVA-574] - Add full event scalers to run db
  • [HPSJAVA-575] - Add full event EPICS data to the run db
  • [HPSJAVA-588] - Use the type of a Track as an identifier for the tracking strategy that was used
  • [HPSJAVA-589] - Use TrackDataDriver to set the track type based on the tracking strategy used


  • [HPSJAVA-518] - Convert covariance matrix from CL to perigee frame
  • [HPSJAVA-545] - Add test of ECal MC readout and recon job chain
  • [HPSJAVA-556] - Remove shaded jar from conditions module build
  • [HPSJAVA-577] - Remove creation of scaler data header from event builder
  • [HPSJAVA-581] - Move DAQ and trigger packages from ecal-recon to record-util
  • [HPSJAVA-587] - Remove unused beam conditions package
  • [HPSJAVA-591] - Replace EPICS data implementation in run db
  • [HPSJAVA-595] - Move run database from record-util to new maven module
  • [HPSJAVA-596] - Move crawler from record-util to new maven module
  • [HPSJAVA-597] - Remove aida remote dep from monitoring app
  • [HPSJAVA-598] - Move datacat module from record-util to new maven module


  • [HPSJAVA-130] - Choose DQM quantities for ECal MC monitoring
  • [HPSJAVA-131] - Chose DQM quantities for tracking efficiency monitoring
  • [HPSJAVA-193] - Create DQM plots for Trigger
  • [HPSJAVA-243] - Determine effect of support opening angle misalignments
  • [HPSJAVA-509] - Confirm recon output is correct when using database SVT alignments
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