Setting Up a JLab Account

Basic Registration

HPS users who require access to the JLAB computing infrastructure should register for a new account here:

The type should be "user-active" and the sponsor is Stepan Stepanyan.

Computer Account Request

After registering, complete the JLAB Computer User account form here:

It then needs to be scanned and sent to for his signature.

Once you see your name appear at, then call the JLAB help desk at (757) 269-7155 to get your temporary password.  It is a good idea to try out the password while on the phone with them.

After this, you may login to and then to the scientific computing farm at ifarml64 or other ifarm nodes.

Required General Security Training

You must complete the JLAB GEN034U security training within 48 hours of creating your account. It covers much more than security training.  It involves watching a ~20 minute online video.

Please select GEN034U from here:

If you do not complete this mandatory training, your JLAB account will be suspended.

Accessing Sci Comp Resources

Computing Groups

To access any of the scientific computing resources (such as the batch or interactive farms, the tape silo, work disks, etc.), your account must be a member of one of the allowed groups including clas or clashps etc.

Membership in one of these groups can be requested by emailing Francois-Xavier Girod <> with your JLAB account name and a copy of your public SSH key from ~/.ssh/ at JLAB.

Batch Computing Access

To be able to use the batch system you'll need to obtain a certificate here: .

From within the JLAB network, you may query your username, and the link for creating the certificate will appear.

If you are not on the network, then login to and start Firefox.  Then use that browser session to get the certificate.

When completed, you should have a new file ~/.jlab.scicomp in your JLAB home directory.

Help Desk

Scientific Computing Homepage

Computer Center Wiki

Scientific Computing Wiki


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