1. Track-Cluster Matching - Alic
  2. Tracking Updates - PF
  3. Software Refactoring - Jeremy
  4. Readiness for 2019 Data Processing - All
  5. AOB


Attendees: Norman, Alic, Cameron, Jeremy, MattG, Maurik, PF, Tongtong

Track-Cluster Matching: Alic discussed a number of issues he encountered trying to correctly associate calorimeter energy deposits with the MC particle. There are clearly some inconsistencies with the MC particle provenance of the SimCalorimeterHits that need to be investigated. It was agreed, however, that the PR #791 should proceed.

Tracking Updates: PF gave a short oral update on the status of the SVT geometry work. Some additional coding and testing needs to be done to include the full survey information in the geometry.

Software Refactoring: Jeremy went through the code changes related to PR #812 and 814. The former simply involves updating the hps-java version to 5.0-SNAPSHOT (skipping release for 4.5-SNAPSHOT) and updating lcsim to 4.3-SNAPSHOT. The latter was an extensive refactoring of the integration tests which brings in a lot of new functionality and should make the histogram comparisons more useful. After much discussion it was decided that we would impose the strictest level of numerical agreement (1E-6 to allow for minor roundoff and/or platform differences) on the comparisons. We will revisit the comparisons at a later date.

Readiness for 2019 Data Processing: We will most likely not be able to make a release this week as we would still like to include updates in the ECal timing and the track-cluster matching.

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