1. Track-Cluster Matching - Alic
  2. Tracking Updates - PF
  3. Software Refactoring - Jeremy
  4. Readiness for 2019 Data Processing - All
  5. AOB


Attendees: Norman, Alic, Cameron, Jeremy, MattG, Nathan, Tim, Maurik

Track-Cluster Matching - Alic presented the work he has done to introduce an abstract interface for track-cluster matching. He will present details of a new matching algorithm next week.

Tracking Updates - PF was unable to connect. Will get tracking updates at next meeting

Software Refactoring PRs - Jeremy went over a number of pull requests related to various refactoring of the code base. People are encouraged to review the proposal to move the reference histogram files into the repository. This will be discussed/decided at next week's meeting.

Readiness for 2019 Data Processing - ACTION ITEM

The plan is to make a tagged release of lcsim & hps-java after next week's software meeting.

This will require:

  • study/resolve any extant issues with the indexing/geometry of the split-strips in layers 1 & 2 of the SVT
  • perform at least one more iteration of the SVT alignment
  • implement/test new track-cluster matching algorithm
  • finalize ECal timing issues
  • finalize 2019 reconstruction steering file
  • double-check list of "golden" runs to process

If all goes well, the plan is to then run the reconstruction over the sample partitions and make them available to the collaboration for analysis.

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