1. Updates for application of DAQ configuration - Tongtong
  2. Updates on online recon toolchain - Jeremy
  3. Updates on merging tracking software into master - PF
  4. AOB


Attendees: Norman, Cameron, Jeremy, Matt, Maurik, PF, Tongtong, Nathan

DAQ Configuration Update: Tongtong presented slides summarizing the code and tests that were run. We agreed that the associated PR should be approved and merged with master. Consideration should be given to adopting this solution for the 2015 and 2016 data if and when we ever reprocess that data.

Online Recon: Jeremy gave a live demonstration of the latest version of the online recon toolchain. He ran five separate ET recon stations then asynchronously connected to them to the aida server, which now combines the plots. He then loaded up the web application to show the histograms. The web interface looks quite functional and could be used as-is. The display could be customized via Java Server Pages (JSP). Some work will be needed to convert the existing monitoring Drivers to only book and fill the histograms.

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