This page is intended as a portal to information about the processing of the data taken during the summer of 2021.

Data Taking

Data were accumulated at two energies: 1.92 and 3.74GeV.

More information about the run can be found in the 2021 Run Spreadsheet on the HPS Run Wiki

Reconstruction Pass0

A first pass reconstruction, pass0, will be performed using a tagged release of hps-java: Release 5.1 Release · JeffersonLab/hps-java (

The production version of the jar file can be downloaded directly from

Events can be reconstructed with the following command line:

java -cp hps-distribution-5.1-bin.jar org.hps.evio.EvioToLcio -x /org/hps/steering/recon/PhysicsRun2021_pass0_recon_evio.lcsim -r -d HPS_Run2021Pass0_v1 -DoutputFile=outputFile inputFile

Note that data taken between runs 14624 and 14673 were accumulated at the single-pass energy of 1.92GeV, so the detector HPS_Run2021Pass0_v1_1pt92GeV should be used when reconstructing those events.

The remaining data taken at 3.74GeV should be reconstructed using the HPS_Run2021Pass0_v1 detector.

More details of the plans for the pass0 reconstruction can be found here.

Output Data Files

The output files of the reconstruction will be available at JLab:


Data Analysis

2021 FEE Analysis,  - Norman Graf - November 16, 2022

2021 Analysis of data using SVT positioning wires as target  - Norman Graf - November 17, 2022

2021 FEE Update using Run 14168 @ 3.74GeV  - Norman Graf - November 18, 2022

2021 FEE Update using Run 14628 @ 1.92GeV  - Norman Graf - November 18, 2022

2021 Pass0 1.92GeV Møller Analysis - Norman Graf - November 29, 2022


  • Top track fit chi-squared is too high.
  • Large offsets in track-cluster matching in x.

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