1. Pass7 on 2015 data:
    1. Software patches and bugs fixed?             — Norman/All
      1. Catch "Matrix is singular" Runtime Exception #243  — Miriam/Norman
    2. Drivers/Steering files:                                   — Rafo/ All
      1. Main Recon steering file ready?
      2. Skim steering files ready?                 — Sebouh/All
        1. Everyone agree on the cuts?
    3. Release 4.0.1                                             — Jeremy
      1. Release notes?
      2. Milestones?
    4. Scripts / JLab systems                               — Rafo
  2. Other issues, Questions?                                     — All


  • The Matrix singularity is now caught. 
    • Issue is still open because Miriam wants to dig deeper in the underlying issue.
  • Alignment:
    • Allesandra - still a final word on the alignment.
  • Steering files:
    • Norman: Main Recon Steering file is good to go.
    • Holly - Looked at the TestPass7f files. 
      • Some things that are not understood:
        • Need to reset the cuts.
        • In general, the distributions look OK. Can do a vertex analysis on this.
        • New events that are different.
        • Looking at the output from the tuples, created from the unskimmed files. 
          • There are some new high-Z events that were not in previous data sets.
          • Are these due to the tracking changes, and the new way of making vertexes?
      • Norman will check the events that Holly flags to be different.
    • Rafo:
      • The 1.5mm data, before run ~5450 seems to not produce V0 and Moller skims (in pass6).
      • This is because these skims have the SVT flags good condition?
        • The later 1.5mm files were checked, but were these early files?
      • Someone needs to look into the runs before 5450, and check what is happening.
        • Omar? – may have looked at these already.
        • Ani?  - should comment.
      • We will call out on the email list to get people to look at this.
    • These early files may still need alignment. 
  • Skim:
    • Rafo: Skims are re-run with the latest cuts.
    • Sizes: We need to re-run the skims on the tpass7f recon output to check sizes and content.
    • We do need to Moller skim - Norman created the driver. 
    • If it turns out that the skims are not correct, we can re-run skims efficiently later.
    • All interested parties in skims will check the current skim settings:
      • Bradley - Moller Skim.
  • Release 4.0.1:  
    • Jeremy will release a 4.0.1 release, right before start of pass.
    • Norman will resolve Sebouh's pull request.
    • Jeremy will make a conditions tag, and make a full backup of the DB.
  • Scripts & Jlab system:
    • The issue previously reported: 
      • Files on the Cache with size zero.
      • This is still not resolved, so some files will not get processed when this is the case.
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