Contents of Science Data Products

This page will include links to proposed formats (and comments on the proposals) for the science data products used by the science tools and/or to be delivered to the GSSC. The data product definitions ultimately will be incorporated in the mission Interface Control Document for the Science Data Products (and in Word format) and the Science Data Products File Format Document (Word). The designations in the ICD for the data products are listed with their names below.

For those keeping track, LS-003 was originally 'Low-level calibration', the information that is needed for event reconstruction. This will not be a data product; the information will reside in the MOOT/MOOD database. At the end of mission, the database may be translated into static files for archiving.

LS-004 was the instrument response functions; in the current designation they are now considered to be 3 data products: LS-011 (energy redistribution), LS-012 (effective area), and LS-013 (PSF). The former LS-011 (pulsar ephemerides) is now a data product that is provided by the GSSC. Its designation is SS-002 and as far as I know has the format that gtpulsardb reads.

Update 3 April 2007 Based on discussions with the GSSC the LS-006 (LAT Configuration History) and LS-007 (LAT Transient Data) data products have been eliminated. A link below to the definition of LS-005, and some questions about it, was added.


Event summary data


LAT Photons (formerly Event summary data)


Pointing and live time history


LAT point source catalog


Burst catalog


Interstellar emission model


Energy redistribution


Effective area


Point-spread function

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