The analysis threads at the FSSC are the starting place for many people learning how to analyze Fermi data.

Pass 8 Updates

The FSSC is requesting help updating the threads for the Pass 8 release.  

Pressing Needs:

  • Pass 8 composite thread
  • Making a custom background template thread
  • Revamping the GRB threads
  • Update unbinned threads with a binned analysis
  • Your idea here...

General Review of the Threads

  • We need a review of all of the threads for content, correctness, and for Pass 8
  • The FSSC will be doing this as well but we could do with input from the Science Groups.
  • Division of Labor:
    • Binned and Unbinned Analysis - AGN 
    • Extended Analysis and Pulsar Analysis - Galactic
    • Upper Limit and Obssim - C&A
    • Sun and Moon Templates - Diffuse
    • Others?

 Plan of Attack:

We would like to hand some of this over to the science groups.  Would be a good task for young and new members as a service to the project.  

We will collect changes from you.  If you plan to do extensive changes, ask us to provide a template to you.  

Please use this page to organize (ie. put your name down) so we don't duplicate effort.

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