Tasks to make fermipy easier to manage

  1. Separate out the diffuse emission and isotropic emission models
    1. These currently live in a conda package
    2. They are generally available at SLAC via GLAST_EXT, we probably want to combine the two methods of getting them
  2. Split out the sub-modules
  3. Develop a template for a user contributed package

Template for a user contributed package

This should include, at a minimum a setup.py file, but could include a number of things such as 

  • Template for documentation
  • Template for connection to continous intergration system such as travis or azure
  • Template for connection to coverage tests, such as coveralls
  • Template for connection to documentation system such as read the docs
  • Template for containerization

Science Related Development Projects

  • Standardized ROI analysis and control tests (fermipy.jobs module)
  • Standardizes stack analysis (fermipy.stack module)
  • Handling energy dependent pixel sizes for TS map creation.
  • Integration of weights map creation
  • Handling of all-sky maps and analysis model components (fermipy.diffuse module)
  • Create of models based on source populations
  • Light-curve creation
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