Status of Checkout Packages

Science Tools

Builds automatically generated for tags, head, and latest.

Some remaining issues with 64 bit, Mac, and Windows.


GlastRelease-15-49-00 is good, next up is to migrate the existing SConscript files at the HEAD to work with GR HEAD.

To Do:

  1. Handling of OBF: Proposal for obf extlib Organization
  2. Migration of JobOptions to top-level directory


Remember the CHS checkout package?

Ready for testing pending the next tag.

SCons Tool Development

Release Manager

Mac builds are being done by hand, pending resolution of a problem with LSF by unix-admins.

Windows builds are being produced, but there are troubles

RHEL5 was off pending reinstallation of the O/S by unix-admin, that has completed and the builds are rolling again.

RHEL4 and RH9 builds are chugging along.

Please use the new web front end, or RMViewer to view available builds:   please send comments to Karen (

RMViewer available from    please send comments to Navid (

Due to past/current problems with certain flavors, you may find specific variants are unavailable for a build you are interested in - please ask if your flavor is missing.

RMViewer 0.5 Screen Shot:


Note the "User" button on RMViewer.  Provides binaries and other files associated with running the code, as well as required externals.

Developer releases are on the to do list.


Current version is 0.93.  Please see: GoGui Status and Laundry Listand the User Guide.

Items such as over-riding directories are now available.

stag Command Line Tagger

  • SCons Command-line Tagger Proposal
  • available for download from u05/stag
  • Pop in "EOH" into release.notes for those package that do not have it
  • Migrate to new tagging convention

Windows Support

Check out Joanne's Log: SCons and Windows - a Log

There are questions concerning how closely tied SCons and Visual Studio builds need to be and how to properly accomplish that.


Recall that we are moving to a slightly new directory structure for the external libraries, where the compiler version is included in the directory path.  Reorganization of externals has been occurring on the CMT side as well, as we migrate to new versions such as ROOT v5.20.

ROOT v5.20.00-gl1  ready to go except Mac and RHEL5.

Fred and Fox

Getting Started and Documentation

Documentation is a work in progress: SCons Introduction

SCons is installed at SLAC under $GLASTROOT/applications/SCons

To Do

Prepare Externals for Visual Studio 9

Full Windows Support

Prepare GR for automated builds

Tag Collector which will be included in RMViewer

Installer for Developer Releases


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