We request to put in production GlastRelease-20-10-04.

Reason for change

GlastRelease-20-10-04 implements a bugfix which solves the occasional recon segfaults.

Test Procedure

We have processed 3 full LPA runs: 479350028, 474391003, 468488123.

These runs experienced a recon segfault in L1Proc 5.4, and processed fine in L1Proc 5.5.

Rollback procedure

We can easily switch back to previous version of L1Proc .


   SSC-409 - Getting issue details... STATUS


GlastRelease-20-10-04 contains a new tag of CalXtalResponse (CalXtalResponse-01-01-04).


The new tag of CalXtalResponse contains the fix to prevent the recurring CAL segfaults:

LPATE-189 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We verified that this GlastRelease can process correctly runs 479350028, 474391003, 468488123 without segfaulting.

Complete set of tags for L1Proc 5.5

GlastRelease: GlastRelease-20-10-04

ScienceTools: ScienceTools-10-01-01

svac/L1Pipeline: L1Pipeline-05-05-00

calibTkrUtil: calibTkrUtil-04-00-00
fitsGen: fitsGen-07-01-02

dataMonitoring/AlarmsCfg: AlarmsCfg-07-00-03
dataMonitoring/Common: Common-07-00-01
dataMonitoring/DigiReconCalMeritCfg: DigiReconCalMeritCfg-02-01-08
dataMonitoring/FastMon: FastMon-05-03-05
dataMonitoring/FastMonCfg: FastMonCfg-02-02-03
datMonitoring/IGRF: IGRF-03-01-04

svac/Monitor: Monitor-03-14-02
svac/TestReport: TestReport-12-03-01
svac/findGaps: findGaps-02-03-00

users/richard/pipelineDatasets: pipelineDatasets-01-00-00
ft2Util: ft2Util-02-04-00

evtClassDefs: evtClassDefs-01-01-04
GPLtools: GPLtools-02-00-00-wf03

ROOT: ROOT 5.34.03-gr01