To obtain the source or binaries:

Building omniORB

This is just an example, always refer to the README files for the version you download to check to see if the instructions have changed. 

  • create a directory such as rh9_gcc32
  • cd into that directory
  • run configure, for example:  ../configure --prefix=$myDir PYTHON=$GLAST_EXT/python/2.5.1/bin/python --disable-ipv6
  • make
  • make install

We provide the include and lib directories with our external distributions for GlastRelease.

Preparing to use the new omniORB in GlastRelease 

 Update IExternal/omniOrb's requirements file as necessary to point to the current set of OmniOrb libraries.

Regenerating files using omniidl
In our HepRepCorba package, we save two *.idl files:  HepRep.idl and HepEventServer.idl.  We use these as input to the omniidl binary that is created when we compile omniOrb.  These files must be regenerated each time we upgrade our version of OmniOrb.

  omniidl -bcxx -Wba HepRep.idl
HepRep.hh, and


omniidl -bcxx HepEventServer.idl 

The product is the files: HepEventServer.hh and

Rebuild HepRepCorba 

In the HepRepCorba cmt requirements file there is a line
#Set some OmniOrb env variables
#This is useful for debugging
set ORBtraceLevel 0

Documentation pertaining to this env variable is available here:

 The following options control debugging trace output.

traceLevel    default = 1

omniORB can output tracing and diagnostic messages to the standard error stream. The following levels are defined:


level 0

critical errors only

level 1

informational messages only

level 2

configuration information and warnings

level 5

notifications when server threads are created and communication endpoints are shutdown

level 10

execution and exception traces

level 25

trace each send or receive of a giop message

level 30

dump up to 128 bytes of each giop message

level 40

dump complete contents of each giop message

The trace level is cumulative, so at level 40, all trace messages are output.


While upgrading to 4.1.0, ran into an error on Linux Unable to create an endpoint:

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