WARNING: This is a draft.  Instructions need to be tested.

TMineExt is a home-grown external built with SCons.  RM builds it just as it builds other containers, but the default directory structure for containers doesn't match that used for external libraries.  Naming conventions also differ. 

A Recipe

Suppose we want to build an external from the release tag TMineExt-03-02-07. Normal set-up has been done so that scons is in the path and the environment variable GLAST_EXT is set appropriately

  1. cd to directory which will contain the build
  2. cvs co -d 3.2.7 -r TMineExt-03-02-07 TMineExt-scons
  3. cd 3.2.7
  4. scons --with-GLAST-EXT=$GLAST_EXT --compile-opt --variant=NONE --rm -k all >& build.log
  5. Examine build.log to make sure the build has succeeded
  6. cd ..
  7. tar -cfz TMineExt-3.2.7.tar.gz 3.2.7/lib 3.2.7/exe 3.2.7/bin 3.2.7/data 3.2.7/doc 3.2.7/include 3.2.7/lib 3.2.7/config.log 3.2.7/build.log
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