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  • Updating RCE Firmware
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A default firmware image is embedded in the bootloader file boot.bin and can only be changed by updating the RCE core software.

The user controlled RCE firmware resides on the boot partition in a file named fpga.bit.

To change the user firmware, transfer your firmware bitfile to /mnt/boot and rename as fpga.bit.

To switch between the default firmware and the user firmware, reboot the RCE with the correct bitload option

reboot_rce -b 0 - Disable loading of fpga.bit and reboot with default firmware image

reboot_rce -b 1 - Enable loading of fpga.bit and reboot

Note, this behavior will be maintained across all subsequent reboots.



In the event that the firmware image is incorrect or corrupted, and the RCE will not boot properly:

1. Recover the correct bitfile using the bootloader


2. Enable the default firmware image using the bootloader shell by reseting the bootloader environment (eFUSE RCE only):

zynq-uboot> env default -a
zynq-uboot> saveenv
zynq-uboot> reset
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