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The latest RCE SDK release is version V3.3.0.

Host Linux

RCE Linux


Hardware Compatibility

RCE SDK V3.0.0 includes support for the Mellanox Spectrum switch present on new COBs.

To enable Spectrum support:

  • At least COB C10 hardware must be used.
  • Brand new DTM and DPM SD cards must be created and installed (using at least V3.0.0). 
  • Appropriate firmware images must be pre-installed on SD cards prior to first boot.
  • DTM SD cards must contain firmware with new PCIe support.
  • DPM SD cards with 10G firmware must have 10GKR support (10GKX4/XAUI firmware is not supported).


For older COBs built with Fulcrum switches, it is highly recommended that V2.4.3 is used as the default RCE SDK on all SD cards.

V3.0.0 does not support VLANs.

See also SDK Download and Installation

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