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RPT stands for RCE Platform Technology.  It consists of a set of hardware, firmware, and software tools.  

These tools are used to create large scale, high performance data acquisition systems (DAQ). 

The RCE, reconfigurable cluster element, is the base computational unit of the DAQ.

It's a system-on-chip (SOC) driven by a dual-core ARM CPU and a Xilinx FPGA.

Each RCE contains 1Gbyte of DDR3 RAM and a Micro-SD card.

A DPM is a carrier board for two RCEs.

A DTM is a carrier board for a single RCE.  It is used primarily for network switch management and DPM communications.

A COB, cluster on board, is an ATCA compliant front board which holds four DPMs, one DTM, and a network switch.

The RTM, rear transition module, is an application specific hardware adaptation layer that interfaces COBs to front ends.

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