All RCEs use DHCP for IP address assignment.

The DHCP server can be located internally on a COB, or on an external host.

Internal DHCP servers require IP configuration of the shelf manager.

To use the internal DHCP server, select a single COB to be the DHCP host.

Extract the COB and set dip switch 4 to the ON position.

Make sure all other COBs on the subnet have dip switch 4 OFF.

Make sure no other DHCP servers are running on the subnet.

The DTM on the DHCP enabled COB will now act as a DHCP server for all RCEs on the subnet.

To use an external DHCP server not located on a COB, set dip switch 4 to OFF on all COBs.

For shelf DHCP and IP configuration, read pages 5, 7, and 8 of the following workshop presentation:

RPT_Workshop_Shelf Installation_Networking_and_Administration.pptx

See also DIP Switch Meanings

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