Event generation using stdhep

stdhep can be obtained from:

To obtain and build the package do (just cut and paste the lines below):

wget http://cepa.fnal.gov/dist/stdhep/stdhep-5-06-01.tar.gz
tar xzvf stdhep-5-06-01.tar.gz
cd stdhep-5-06-01
unset CRNLIB
gmake clean

To generate pythia mu+ mu - events at 3 TeV center of mass energy and to control the physics processes by data cards change into the example directory and replace the file pythiaExample.F with the attached file: pythiaExample.F. To build this example the CERNLIBS needs to be installed and set up so make sure the environmental variables:


are set correctly

cd example
rm pythiaExample.F
wget https://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/download/attachments/112108463/pythiaExample.F
make pythiaExample

To generate some events get the tar ball with various data cards that is attached, set the environmental variable to select the data cards and run the example

wget https://confluence.slac.stanford.edu/download/attachments/112108463/PythiaCards.tgz
tar xzvf PythiaCards.tgz
export PYTHIA_CARD=Zp_pythia_new.card
export NUMBER_OF_EVENTS=10000

This will create the file: Zp_pythia_new.stdhep that can be browsed using the LCSIM Event Browser that's included in JAS3 and can be used as input for the simulation package slic.
Other data cards (thanks to Steve Mrenna and Ken Lane for providing some of the cards) included in the tar file are:

PY6_TPrime2BPrime2Top_M350.card : 4th generation quarks and lepton production
PYTHIA6_EXOTICA_Smuon_M500.card : smuR-smuRbar production
PYTHIA6_EXOTICA_ZPrimeSSMEE_M3000.card : Z' production where the Z' is forced to decay into 2 muons.
PYTHIA6_fftoww.card : fi fibar > W+ W process
PYTHIA6_SM_H_Fusion_mH120.card : ZZ/WW fusion to H
PYTHIA6_ZH__M120.card : associated Higgs production
rhoT_pythia.card : Technihadron production cards provided by Ken Lane
Zp_pythia.card : Z' production where the Z' is forced to decay into 2 muons.
Zp_pythia_new.card : same as above but using the newer Pythia sntax

Event generation on ilcsim

On ilcsim stdhep is provided via ups/upd. Instructions can be found at:

Event generation with EvtGenPythia

to be provided

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