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Schedule for Week 1 and Week 2

Week 1  

 Tues, May 29Wed, May 30Thurs, May 31Fri, June 1Sat, June 2
9:00  Welcome and Introduction (ppt)  - LizIntro to Fermi LAT - Regina CaputoDetectors for LAT - Regina

GRB Science - Judy Racusin

Cosmic Rays and Shocks - Pierre Cristofari

Lecture Notes (pdf)

10:00Intro to the Fermi Mission and Sky - Julie McEneryIntro to Fermi GBM - Michelle Hui

IACTs - Marcos Santander

Transients with HAWC - MichelleShock accel and expansion of SNRs - Pierre
11:00BreakBreakBreakBreak (Photo!)Break
11:30Air Showers - Pat Harding

HAWC Science - Pat

The Basics of AGN & their High-Energy Emission - Eileen Meyer Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

Calculating and using Upper Limits - Eileen


Tour of Fermi Resources

Getting Started with Maximum Likelihood Analysis - Pat Harding

 Getting Started with Fermi:

Data Extraction

Quicklook at the Data

Students choose a source for analysis.

Getting started with Likelihood Analysis in LAT -

Jeremy Perkins

Quiz tool link: kahoot.it



Generating LAT XML Models - Elizabeth Ferrara

instructions for using make3FGLxml.py script

Advanced Likelihood/fermiPy (data.tgz)

fermiPy documentation

PDG Statistics review

pdf (deltaLL values in Table 38.2 on page 29)

Likelihood Examples/Advanced Topics


Student Projects

Advanced Topics:

Upper Limits

Getting started with Burst Analysis Michelle/Judy
RMFIT & GTburst

Student Projects


4:45End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup
Crab Feast (tutorial) ~6:30/7:00 on patio

Week 2  

 Mon, June 4Tues, June 5Wed, June 6Thurs, June 7Fri, June 8
9:00Intro to Gravitational Waves - Peter ShawhanGravitational wave science - Peter

Looking for point sources - Marcos

Pulsar Timing Arrays - Elizabeth Ferrara

  Summary (ppt) 

10:00GBM transients and mulitmessenger - Michelle/Judy

Neutrinos and Gamma Rays - Marcos

Blazars and Variability - EileenBurstCube - JeremyProject Results and Feedback
11:30 Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries

Gamma-ray Binaries - Jamie HolderFuture Gamma-ray Prospects - JudyWorkshop Close Out
1:30Free afternoon

Time Series and Matched Filtering - Peter

Student Projects

Student Talks / 1 Slide Summaries 

Advanced Topics:

  • Systematics

Student Projects

Advanced Topics:

Student Projects

4:45End of the Day Tagup End of the Day TagupEnd of the Day Tagup 
   Virden hosted BBQ on the patio

Sunset Cruise from Anglers Fishing Center (Map)

Meet there at 5:45pm

Please bring $3-$5 for tip


Student Talks and 1 Slide Schedule

Friday, June 1

Tyler Parsotan - "Monte Carlo Modeling of Photospheric Emission in Gamma-Ray Bursts" - abstract  

Dave Tsang - "Resonant Shattering Flares as EM/GW probes of NS physics" - abstract  

Milena Crnogorčević - "Searching for axion-like particles in core-collapse supernovae using the Fermi-LAT and GBM" - abstract  

Ibrahim Safa - "Imaging Galactic Dark Matter with High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos"

Leonardo Garcia - MHD simulations

Monday, June 4

Maria Victoria del Valle - "Modeling the non-thermal emission from high velocity stars" - abstract  

Binita Hona - "Study of TeV Gamma-Ray Emission at the Cygnus Cocoon Region with HAWC data" - abstract  

Ari Brill - "Deep Learning for Event Classification with the Cherenkov Telescope Array" - abstract  

Samuel Spencer - Multiwavelength Fermi Bubbles

Tuesday, June 5

Mary Keenan - "Low-Frequency Observations as a Proxy for Jet Power in RL AGN and the Connection of Jet Power and Jet Speed" - abstract  

Adam Harvey - "The seed factor: how a combination of four observables can unveil the location of the blazar GeV emission" - abstract  

Amar Hekalo - "The Doppler Factor Crisis of TeV blazars" - abstract  

Andrea Gokus - "The Spectral Energy Distribution of the Candidate Neutrino Source TXS0506+056" - abstract  


Wednesday, June 6

Atreya Acharyya - “Using Fermi for CTA population forecasts” - abstract  

Angaraj Duara - "Characterising SiPM Photodetectors for Cherenkov Telescope Array Camera"

Connor Duffy - "Evaluation of CHEC-S: A high-speed camera for CTA"

Supporting Material

Interesting repositories for Fermi analysis

Things to Do:

Take the ferry to Cape May https://www.cmlf.com/

Hire kayaks https://www.questkayak.com/ (Don't forget sun screen!)

If the weather's good, go to the beach! Lewes Beach is fine, or there's a beach on the oceanside in Cape Henlopen State Park. (Don't forget sun screen!)

Visit Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/prime_hook/ (Don't forget bug repellent)

Visit the Zwaanendael Museum: https://history.delaware.gov/museums/zm/zm_main.shtml

Visit the US Lightship Overfalls (located just off of Pilottown Rd): http://www.overfalls.org/

Lewes-Rehoboth Bike Path

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