Schedule (pdf)

Week 1


Tues May 28

Wed May 29

Thu May 30

Fri May 31

Sat June 1


The Fermi Mission
Julie McEnery

Diffuse Emission and Map Making - Doug Finkbeiner

Radiative Processes in High-Energy Astrophysics - Lukasz Stawarz

Dark Matter in Fermi II (Part 1) - Savvas Koushiappas

Dark Matter in Fermi II (Part 2) - Savvas Koushiappas


Space-based Gamma-ray Astronomy (pptx with extra notes)
Liz Hays

Fermi LAT overview
Eric Charles

Dark Matter in Fermi I - Doug Finkbeiner

Ground-based Gamma-ray Astronomy - Deirdre Horan

Particle Acceleration in High-Energy Astrophysics - Lukasz Stawarz








Gamma-ray Sources
Elizabeth Ferrara

Student Talks

LAT Performance
Eric Charles

Student Talks

Student Talks








Maximum Likelihood Overview
Sample code:
S. Fegan
Science Tools Intro and Data Exploration
J. Perkins

Likelihood in the LAT
- map_z100_ss20noX.gif
S. Fegan
Installing Python Packages
Likelihood Tutorial
J. Perkins

LAT effective area
Eric Charles
LAT XML Models
E. Ferrara
Advanced Likelihood
J. Perkins



Week 2


Mon June 3

Tues June 4

Wed June 5

Thurs June 6

Fri June 7


Particle Acceleration in High-Energy Astrophysics (continued) - Lukasz Stawarz

Galactic Cosmic Rays Probed with Fermi-LAT - Lukasz Stawarz

GRB Observations and Follow-up by Swift - Neil Gehrels

Extragalactic Cosmic Rays Probed with Fermi-LAT - Lukasz Stawarz

Final Wrap-up: Project Results and Feedback


Gamma-ray Pulsars - Tyrel Johnson

Intro to Blazars - Deirdre Horan

Fermi GBM and LAT GRB Highlights - Judy Racusin

Gamma Rays and Multimessengers - Valerie Connaughton

Final Wrap-up: Project Results and Feedback








Student Talks

Ground-based Gamma-ray Astronomy II (compressed) - Petra Huentemeyer

The Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor - Valerie Connaughton

Early Results from the HAWC Observatory - Petra Huentemeyer

Fermi and Beyond - Liz/Julie/Jamie








Lightcurves and Variability (Steve)
Pulsars and Off-pulse analysis (Tyrel)

Student Talks and One-Slide Summaries
Observation modes - a closer look at sky survey and pointings (animated gif of a crab observation)(Julie)
Allsky analysis

Student Talks and One-Slide Summaries
GRB Analysis - Valerie Associated rmfit tutorial
Extended source analysis

Student One-Slide Summaries
Finishing touches


Student Talks

Wednesday May 29
Katie Auchettl - Fermi-LAT observations of Galactic supernova remnant Kesteven 79
Hao Zhou - Morphology and Energy Spectra of Geminga and Boomerang at TeV Energies
Hugo Ayala - Studying the Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission from the Cygnus Region with HAWC and Fermi

Friday May 31
Ryan Abrahams - Dark Gas in the Translucent Cloud MBM 12
Fabio Zandanel - Dark Matter and Cosmic Rays in Clusters of Galaxies

Saturday June 1
Naoya Hidaka - SiPM Characterization for CTA
Hao-Ning He - Diffuse PeV neutrino emission from Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies

Monday June 3
Karsten Barger - Low peaked and high peaked BL Lacertae objects (ppt)
Felicia Krauss - Multiwavelength observations of TANAMI sources
Victor Patiño - A Multiwavelength Photometric and Spectroscopic Cross-Correlation Variability Study of Fermi/LAT Blazars

Tuesday June 4
Zhengwei Li - Constraints on annihilating dark matter from Fermi observations of M31 (ppt)

Wednesday June 5
Rui-zhi Yang - Constraining the distribution of dark matter in the inner Galaxy: The case of the 130 GeV Line (keynote)

Thursday June 6
Xiang Li - A brief introduction to the DAMPE satellite

One Slide Summaries (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
Eric Albin
Simon Archambault
Thomas Armstrong
Josefa Becerra Gonzalez
Micaela Caragiulo
Scott Griffiths
Jeremy Hare (ppt)
Payel Kar (ppt)
Stephen Portillo
Jean-Francois Rajotte
Bei Zhou
Jianeng Zhou (ppt)

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