School Schedule (pdf)
Schedule and Abstracts for Student Talks (pdf)

Week 1


Tues May 29

Wed May 30

Thu May 31

Fri June 1

Saturday June 2


The Fermi Mission - Julie McEnery

X-ray Obs. of the Crab - Weisskopf

SNRs - Hewitt

Diffuse - Digel

The Crab Pulsar from HE to VHE - Otte


The Fermi Sky 1 (steady) - Seth Digel

The Fermi Sky 2 (variable) - Julie McEnery

Blazar Theory 1 (blackboard)- Markos Georganopoulos (Notes Part 1)

Cosmic-ray 2 Blasi

Cosmic-ray 3 - Blasi

Blazar Theory II - Georganopoulos (Notes part 2)








Cosmic-ray 1- Pasquale Blasi

Fermi-GBM and spectral fitting - Michael Briggs

Fermi LAT overview - Luca Baldini

TGFs- Briggs

LAT Performance - Baldini








data exploration 1 - Jeremy Perkins

Basic likelihood - Perkins

Student Presentations

Student Presentations

Student Presentations


data exploration tutorial - Davide Donato


Advanced likelihood - Perkins
Data: Photon / Spacecraft

Comments on Statistics- Briggs

Homage to Becquerel-Briggs

LAT Simulations - Digel
Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Tutorial - Otte
data file
ROOT macro file

Week 2


Mon June 4

Tuesday June 5

Wed June 5

Thurs June 6

Fri June 7


Atmospheric Cherenkov Technique - Trevor Weekes

Crab History - Weekes

Observational Blazars II (pptx, pdf) - - Marscher

High Energy Emission from Fermi LAT GRBs - Soebur Razzaque

Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes: Arrays and the Future - Otte


LAT Pulsars - Paul Ray

Observational Blazars I (pptx, pdf) - Alan Marscher

Blazar Theory IV - Georganopoulos (Notes Part 4)

Extragalactic CR Accel. and Prop. - Blasi

School Summary - Hays








Pulsars, PWNe, and Positrons - Blasi

SSC Model Fitting: I have a code and I'm not afraid to use it - Georganopoulos
Model code (.tar.gz)
SSC parameter notes

Water Cherenkov Technique I - Andy Smith

Detector Physics - Otte

Workshop Summary








1 Slide Presentations

1 Slide Presentations

1 Slide Presentations

1 Slide Presentations



Blazar Theory III - Georganopoulos (Notes Part 3)

LAT Pulsar Phase Tutorial - Ray

SED Tutorial (txt1, txt2) - Marscher

Venus Transit
Venus Transit in SDO live data site

LAT Tutorial on Energy Dispersion - Luca Baldini
(and solutions to the exercises)

Water Cherenkov Technique II - Smith


Student Presentations

Sandra de Jong - The hybrid AGN core of 3C 111 ( Abstract)
Michael Dutka - Multi-wavelength Observations of PKS 2142-75 during an Active and Quiescent Gamma-Ray State ( Abstract)
Sajan Kumar - The VERITAS Upgrade ( Abstract)
Tova Yoast-Hull - A Model for Cosmic Ray Interactions in M82 ( Abstract)
Brendan Wells - Improving Fermi Resolution to Probe for the Intergalactic Magnetic Field ( Abstract)
Nahee Park - Multi-TeV Electron Measurement with the CREST Experiment
Dmitry Prokhorov - Calculations in GALPROP WebRun and applications for the analysis of the Fermi-LAT data

1 Slide Summaries

Chris Anelli
Ralph Bird
Francesco Borracci
Carolina Casadio
James Casey
Jacob Daughhetee (IceCube event movie avi)
Simone Dichiara
Sean Griffen]
Caitlin Johnson
Sol Molina
Paul Moran
Alexis Popkow
Greg Richards
Sheetal Saxena
Karlen Shahinyan
Christian Skole
Dylan Kee

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