We currently use CVS for our revision control needs for all of our projects, although we have plans to move to Subversion once JIRA supports Subversion. View CVS is configured for viewing our CVS repository on the web, and we use cvsspam to send email notifications for all commits to our projects. We provide an email list you can subscribe to (go to and subscribe to the Java CVS archive updates list) to receive these commit notificaitons directly, or you can simply access the email archive.

You must have a SLAC UNIX account to check out the source code from CVS and use SSH with your CVS client (we do not support anonymous pserver access). Here is an example of checking out the org-glast project:

$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs -d co org-glast

We use CruiseControl as our build and release manager, which does automatic builds of registered project from our CVS repository. Instructions for registering projects with cruise control can be found here: Cruise Control.


The org-glast CVS module is a suggested parent POM for GLAST Maven projects. For more information about how use use Maven, see out Maven

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