According to Doug Colter on Twitter "Uganda is now under a total internet shutdown. VPNs are not working. Ugandans are cut off from the Internet". The shutdown was requested starting 7pm Jan 13th Uganda time (AKA as Jan 13th 4pm GMT). More details are from posted 1/12/2021 which says "Uganda has blocked access to social media platforms in the East African country just two days before Jan.14’s presidential and parliamentary elections....Some of the affected platforms include WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which are the most popular  in the country."

Looking at the PingER monitoring of 2 hosts in Uganda we see:

Victoria University, Kampala Pings stopped responding around 17:15 Jan 13, 2021 GMT stopped respoding 13:00 Jan 7, 2021 
and restarted Jan 8, 0900 GMT

Note that Uganda is 11 hours ahead of PST or 3 hours ahead of GMT. 

Neither of these hosts are Social Media platforms. The non response from Victoria University may be related to the president Museveni's action. It appears that Doug Colter's statement ""Uganda is now under a total internet shutdown" may be a bit of an over-statement.,

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