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SLAC install has some differences

  • all files kept in AFS
  • centralised configuration
  • mount of disk partition for data
  • move of mysql database storage to separate partition
  • use of apache redirect for calls


  • symlinked /opt/perfsonar to /afs/
  • config files kept in /afs/
    • each file is named to appropriate service
  • customisations on init.d files to reflect above
    • install file located at /afs/
    • will delete services from install and put in new ones with pointers to new config files
    • add's chkconfig stuff


  • largest disk partition mounted at /var/lib/perfsonar for data
  • mysql
    • mv /var/lib/mysql /var/lib/perfsonar/
    • sudo ln -sf /var/lib/perfsonar/mysql/ mysql

Log Rotate

Apache Redirects

all perfsonar hosts are


which run the following dns alias'



lookup service

pinger service

perfsonar buoy service

owamp service

bwctl service

snmp ma service

traceroute service and

ndt service

npad service

in addition, for http services (such as the web service communication and the perfAdmin web pages), we shall use an apache redirect such that

outside address

redirect address


moved to /var/lib/perfsonar/mysql


Initialise the DB

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