Looking at the daily results for the last 365 days (on 6/20/2019), of the countries mentioned, in the article https://www.ft.com/content/24b8b7b2-9272-11e9-aea1-2b1d33ac3271:

Ethiopia Internet Disruption June 2019

According to https://twitter.com/InternetIntel following a coup attempt June 22nd the Internet in Ethiopia was largely unavailable for multiple days. This is shown below. Also shown are the outages June 11 - 14,  June 2019. These correspond with the government shutting down the Internet (almost completely) to coincide with the country’s national exams.

Below is shown the daily packet loss (a dot means no pings were responded to) measured by sending up to 30 packets every 30 minutes.

Mauritania June 2019

According to https://twitter.com/InternetIntel there was a significant Internet disruption starting 15:30 UTC June 25th following controversy surrounding presidential elections over the past weekend. Below is the daily packet loss of three hosts in Mauritania measured by pinging them from SLAC. 


Looking in more detail at the PingER Beacon host MR.NIC.N2 (AKA www.nic.mr) we see:

Syria June 2019

According to https://twitter.com/InternetIntel reporting on June 23 "Another 4.5 hour Internet blackout in Syria beginning at 01:00 UTC (4-8:30am local) for another student exam. 6th such outage this month. Next exam (& internet blackout) to occur in two days." This is seen in the plot below of the Syrian PingER Beacon host www.iust.edu.sy.


Iraq July 2019

On July 15th, Internet Intelligence reported three exam-related national blackouts in Iraq in the past week, see here. Outages intended to prevent cheating on student exams.

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