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NETRAT, SLAC Contact: Adnan, Les, Umar interested

  1. Evaluate PCA multivariate method of Crovella: Waqar, Adnan,
    1. Compare PCA results with Holt-Winters/plateau: Adnan
      1. Fetch Data From SLAC, BNL, CALTECH (Pathchirp, Thrulay, Ping): Adnan
      2. Fetch data from CERN
      3. Apply PCA on same data and to get potential alerts: Adnan
      4. Comparison of Run-period results and PCA results: Adnan
      5. Improve event detector: Adnan
      6. Docment findings on PCA: Adnan
  2. Forecasting comparison of Active vs. passive data: Fareena, Adnan
    1. Look at eview implementation of ARIMA (QU has copy): Fareena
      1. Extend to more sites/metrics, see need for Integration & higher orders: Farena, Adnan
      2. Try with longer time base: Fareena
      3. Get time estimates : Fareena
    2. Detailed Graphs description: Fareena
    3. Regularization [Done]
    4. Look at moodss ( Fareena
    5. Send results/documentation to SLAC [Done 3/15/07]: Fareena
    6. Share documentation with COMSATS: Umar
    7. Review write up, and send changes by FAX to +92-51-9280782: Les
  3. Automatic event isolation: Adnan, Yee
    1. Review the results we are getting at the moment
    2. Provide email lists to get all reports from all monitors together; Jaredg
  4. Extend to closer to real time, especially for loss of connectivity or more frequent measurements
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