To actually get data to appear on the VscScience spigot, you need to execute both of the following commands via a proxy:

  • proxy.execute( VSC.VscProxy.SiuInterface( VSC.VscProxy.AA ) )
  • proxy.exeucte( VSC.VScProxy.SsrInterface( VSC.VscProxy.Enable ) )

The first one ostensibly selects the redundancy configuration, but as a critical side-effect actually enables the interrupt handler for the science board in the VSC.

The second asserts CTS on the science interface lines, so that the GASU can actually send the data out to the VSC

If you only do the second (like I've been flailing on for awhile now), the FSW is completely happy, but the VSC drops all the data on the floor 'cause it's not listening to the interrupts from the science board.

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