The software comprising the pipeline and what it runs is under configuration control for the remainder of the GLAST Flight Integration period. After baselining the code, all modifications to the running code will need to be approved by the Change Control Board. The purpose of configuration control is to understand the code content that affects processing results, and to maximize system uptime by vetting changes that affect reliability.


Proposed changes will be submitted to the CCB with an explanation of the need, changes and consequences. These will be recorded in blogs in this confluence space. Approval will be recorded here also. Consideration and approval may be done via email, vrvs meeting or phone depending on the urgency of the request. We will start off by requiring unanimous approval from the board members for the action to be approved.

The need should be recorded in JIRA issues, with a trail through to resolution of the issue.

The software under control is the pipeline itself (database, pipeline code and user interfaces) and all scripts and executables run by the pipeline. This includes online, svac and SAS code.

EngineeringModel package

Inclusion of the tagged packages will be proposed to the gatekeeper (Heather Kelly) who will prepare new releases. These are based on tested GlastRelease releases as much as possible. System tests will be run. There should be an Instrument Analysis meeting presentation demonstrating the evidence - system tests plus jira issues. Indviduals should represent their changes at these meetings.

Other elements

The svac scripts and pipeline front and back ends are more procedural pieces, not affecting the results; only the operability of the system.

We are attempting a slightly different QA approach here - document all changes with jira issues, and have an expert client verify the changes work on dev servers. Requests with such qualifications can receive expedited approval.

Board Members

The board is composed of Richard Dubois (chair), Eduardo do Couto e Silva , Bill Atwood and Steve Ritz.

CCB Actions List

CCB Actions

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