This is the home page for the Data Acquisition Toolkit (DAT) space. Previously called Cluster Computing Toolkit (CTK), it replaces the now obsolete NPA space.

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The Data Acquisition Toolkit is a combined hardware/software platform for constructing massively parallel data acquisition systems from modular components for high bandwidth applications such as those found in High Energy Physics and Particle Astrophysics. At the hardware level, we create generic building blocks based on System on Chip (SOC) technology using both embedded CPU and DSP FPGA tiles and many channels of generic, high speed I/O. These SOCs support arbitrary operating systems, but we provide a reference platform with the RTEMS Realtime kernel.

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Dataflow Lab 1 (B170)

The main development area at SLAC for the DAT group is known as Dataflow Lab 1, which is room B170 of the Central Lab Annex (Bldg 84).

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