This page contains some selected topics on the infrastructure in B84 EPP Lab (B231 / B273), with initial version focusing on aspects related to the ATLAS ITk project.

Electrical Distribution

Most lab equipment take electrical power from the various grey power distribution breaker boxes on the ceiling (Fig 1) which are in turn originated from the breaker panels 2L1 or 2R2 in the Utility Room B245. 

Fig 3: TripLite PDU.  

Fig 1: 110V ceiling breaker and dropdown cable to the yellow quad distributed outlets. Ceiling breaker limit can often be read from the switch knob on it, typically 20A. Each of the quad outlets is also 20A compliant as indicated by the T-shaped leg. Each outlet can be considered to be equivalent to a wall socket. 

Fig. 2: The bench outlets are NOT equivalent to wall socket but more like the end socket on a power strip. They are collectively served by just one line at the back to a a single outlet on the dropdown yellow box. DO NOT plug in any power strip or extension cord to these sockets. High power appliances (>~500W) should go to the yellow dropdown box outlet directly. 

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