Many CERN activities, such has ATLAS cavern access, SR1 radiation lab ITk tests, and test beams etc. all require CERN dosimeter. Please follow the CERN dosimetry CERN dosimetry home page for the CERN dosimetry guide. Training and access permissions at CERN are hosted on the ADaMS portal. For short term visit use in only Supervised Radiation Area with <1 mSv/year, there is a simpler process for temporary dosimeter but you can only do that once a year. The dosimetry office in Building 55 (just outside Gate B) only opens in the morning until noon. 

For regular dosimeter holders, the updating process requires institutional certificate, which in our case will be issued by SLAC Radiation Protection Department. This renewal procedure requires the requester to first fill in the SLAC RP Non-DOE Assignment Notification form and send that to Keith Washington of SLAC RP who will generate the signed Institutional Certificate with associated info and forward to CERN Dosimetry Service directly. 

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