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  • Z. Li and L. Ge, Multipacting & Dark Current Simulations, US High Gradient Research Collaboration Meeting, Argonne National Laboratory, March 3-4 2009
  • L . Ge, K. Ko, Z. Li, C.-K. Ng, D. Li, R. B.. Palmer, Multipacting and Dark Current Simulation for Muon Collider Cavity, PAC09
  • Z. Li, et al, Dark Current Simulation for the CLIC T18 High Gradient Structure, PAC09
  • Z. Li, L. Xiao, A Compact Alternative Crab Cavity Design at 100-MHz for the LHC Upgrade, PAC09
  • Liling Xiao, Zenghai Li, Cho-Kuen Ng, Andrei Seryi, 800MHz Crab Cavity Conceptual Design for the LHC Upgrade, PAC09
  • A.C. Kabel, Simulation of Compensation Mechanisms for Head-On and. Parasitic Beam-Beam Collisions at LHC, PAC09
  • L. Xiao, C.-K. Ng, J. C. Smith, Trapped Mode Study for a Rotable Collimator Design for the LHC upgrade, PAC09
  • A.E. Candel, A.C. Kabel, K. Ko, L. Lee, Z. Li, C.-K. Ng, G.L. Schussman, I. Syratchev, Wakefield Simulation of CLIC PETS Structure Using Parallel 3D Finite Element Time-Domain Solver T3P, PAC09
  • A.E. Candel, A.C. Kabel, K. Ko, L. Lee, Z. Li, C.-K. Ng, G.L. Schussman, I. Ben-Zvi, J. Kewisch, Parallel 3D Finite Element Particle-in-Cell Simulations with Pic3P, PAC09
  • A.C. Kabel, D.S. Yershov, Using Commodity Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) for High-Speed Storage Ring Simulations, PAC09
  • V. Akcelik, K. Ko, L. Lee, Z. Li, C.-K. Ng, G. Cheng, R.A. Rimmer, H. Wang, Thermal Analysis of SCRF Cavity Couplers Using Parallel Multi-Physics Tools TEM3P, PAC09
  • Liling Xiao, Volkan Akcelik, Arno Candel, Lixin Ge, Andreas Kabel, Kwok Ko, Lie-Quan Lee, Zenghai Li, Cho Ng, Greg Schussman, Parallel Finite Element Modeling Tools for ERL Design and Ananlysis, ERL09, 45th ICFA Beam Dynamics Workshop, Cornell, Ithaca, NY, June 8-12, 2009
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