Merit Tuple Variables

The complete list of merit tuple variables is here:

Here are some plots for the most relevent ACD variables:

AcdTileCount, AcdRibbonCount:  Number of Tiles and Ribbons in the Event

AcdNoTop, AcdNoSideRowX [0-3]:  Number of tiles in the event (for the top of the ACD and by row)


AcdActiveDistance3D:  Distance to the closest edge of tile.  Positive is inside tile, negative is outside tile.


    AcdActDist3DTop, AcdActDist3DSideRowX [0-3].  Best active distance for the top and various side rows of the ACD


AcdRibbonActDist.  Best Active distance to an Acd Ribbon


AcdCornerGap:  Distance to closest gap along side of ACD, signed to match the direction of the overlap at the corner

 SVAC tuple variables

The complete list of svac tuple variables is here:

Here are some plots for the most relevent ACD variables:

 AcdNumDigis: Total number of digis in the event (Tiles and Ribbons)


Acd10Ids[10]:  Tiles ids of the first (by readout order) 10 digis in the event


 AcdPha[604][2] and AcdMips[604][2]:  Pulse Height in pha counts and calibrated to MIPs, by tileid, pmt

AcdNumTkrIntSec: Number of intersection between tracks and ACD

AcdTkrIntSecTkrIndex[20], AcdTkrIntSecTileId[20]:  Track Index and Tile id for the first 20 intersections of tracks with the ACD

AcdTkrIntSecGlobalX[20]  (also Y,Z): Position in global cooridinates when the track crosses the ACD

AcdTkrIntSecArcLengthToIntSec[20]: Distance from first (last) hit to the intersection with the ACD. Postivie for up, negative for down

AcdTkrIntSecPathLengthInTile[20]: Distance traveled inside active ACD volume.

AcdTkrIntSecTileHit[20]: Hit code for tile ( CN0B | CN0A | VetoB | VetoA | PHA_B | PHA_B )

AcdTkrIntSecLocalX[20] (also Y): Position of hit in local coordinates (to Tile Center)

AcdPocaNbrTrack1 (also 2): Number of hit tiles and ribbons within 20cm of track 1  (or 2)


AcdPocaTileID[2][6]: Ids of up to six hit tiles or ribbons that a track passed with 20cm of, sorted by distance


AcdPocaDoca[2][6]: Distance of Closest approach between track and up to 6 tiles / ribbons, sorted by distance


AcdPocaX[2][6] (also Y,Z):  Point of closest approach (along track) to hit tile or ribbon, global cooridinates


 AcdMaxActiveDistId :  Acd id of tile with the best (largest) active distance


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