General info

  • 10 % of two runs are cooked, 7796, and 8054 (Carbon target)
  • The hps-java tag is vtpass1c
  • JAVA: /apps/scicomp/java/jdk1.8/bin/java -XX:+UseSerialGC
  • JAR: /group/hps/hps_soft/hps-java/hps-distribution_vtpass1c_bin.jar
  • JSub 7796_Recon_40.xml
  • All Steering files taken from JAR (i.e. they are used with the option -r)
  • Logs: /lustre/expphy/work/hallb/hps/data/physrun2016/tpass1c/logs
  • The Detector is HPS-PhysicsRun2016-v5-3-fieldmap_globalAlign
  • files on work disk /work/hallb/hps/data/physrun2016/tpass1c


  • Recon.slcio
  • DST.root
  • ntuple moller
  • ntuple fee
  • ntuple trident
  • pulser.slcio
  • dst_pulser.root
  • s0.slcio
  • dst_s0.root
  • s1.slcio
  • dst_s1.root
  • Moller.slcio
  • dst_Moller.
  • v0.slcio
  • dst_v0.root
  • dqm.txt      (will be dropped in the pass1)
  • dqm.root   (will be dropped int the pass1)

This test pass includes

  • New geometry from Alessandra.
  • event time stamp is fixed
  • SVT bias and position flags expected to be fixed on this pass
  • mass and momentum are correct now for detached vertex pairs
  • Doesn't use SVT alignment constants from the conditions system, but instead uses these values from the compact.xml


Directory structure


Checklist of things to verify, before starting the pass1

  •  Look into skims, make sure it is not too tight
    • I have run my calibration analysis for Møllers and V0s over the recon and skim files and get the same events.(Norman) 
  • Check track parameters for detached vertexes
    • Tracks for Unconstrained vertices have been swum to the fitted vertex z position and their parameters updated in the Vertex metadata. TargetConstrained and BeamspotConstrained vertices have not been modified. (Norman) 
  • Check whether we get the target position close to 0
    • Vertices for Unconstrained Møller fits still give +3mm. V0s are slightly negative (~-1mm). FEE are also around -1mm, with a slight discrepancy between top and bottom. (Norman) 
  • Check the event time stamp is correct





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