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Dear colleagues,

Since there have been questions on how to get trained and how to qualify for the different central shift tasks and sub detector shifts, we made a little summary of the documentation that exists on that point (see below). We also quote the contact persons for the different shift tasks.
We hope that facilitates becoming a shifter in the ACR!
Best regards,
Benedetto & Martin

Shift Leader:
There is usually 1 training session per month.
You can find more info (including the next training sessions) on the shift leader twiki:
 <>  <>
<> For questions please contact the run coordinators.

Run Control:
Schedule and contents:
 <>  <>
 <>  <>
<> Contact for the run control shifters:  <>  <>,  <>  <>

Mail for more information and training schedule:   <>  <>

Data Quality
 <>  <>

Mail for more information and training to:  <>  <> or  <>  <>

Sub-detector shifts:
Please contact the sub system runcoordinators listed in  <>  <>