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An introduction to HPS for Physics 290 is given here: Physics 290 11.07.2016.pptx

Possible Projects for



Contact information

Project Title

Contact Person


HPS Upgrade

Tim Nelson



Takashi Maruyama


HPS Analysis

Matt Graham


Tracking Studies

Norman Graf



  • Study the performance of the Silicon Vertex Tracker using the 2016 engineering run data and compare it to Monte Carlo.  This includes understanding the time resolution, occupancy and resolutions.  Skills:  C++, Java and ROOT. 
  • Study how machine learning can be used improve the identification and rejection of background.  For example, can a machine learning algorithm making use of hit and timing information be used to reject wide angle bremsstrahlung events. Skills: python, matplotlib, scikit-learn and possibly tensorflow. 
  • Improve the performance the fit algorithm used to extract information from the raw hit samples readout from the SVT.  Skills: C++, Java, Minuit and ROOT.
  • Improve the simulation of HPS backgrounds. Skills: C++, Geant4
  • Develop a procedure to quickly align the SVT. Skills: Java, python, Millipede