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  • Get Franklin account (send us your information: First and Last names, nationality, phone, address, and email address)
  • login
  • All the run should be performed using scratch space
    cd /scratch/scratchdirs/<your_login_id>
  • Copy data from your desktop to Franklin (on your desktop)
    scp pillbox.o3p m.ncdf<your_login_id>
  • Job Creation. Franklin is a supercomputer. It has a scheduler to run computational jobs. That means user has to use a job submission script to run a job. Once a job is submitted, the scheduler will decide when and where the job will be executed.
    The following is a sample script. You can find it at ~llee/.community/run.pbs. Note that you can find omega3p, s3p, tfe3p and acdtool executable for Franklin at directory ~llee/.community/.
    Code Block
       #PBS -N test
       #PBS -q regular
       #PBS -l mppwidth=128
       ####PBS -l mppnppn=4
       #PBS -l walltime=00:30:00
       #PBS -j eo
       cd $PBS_O_WORKDIR
       aprun -n 128 ~llee/.community/omega3p pillbox.o3p | tee std
  • Submit the job
    qsub run.pbs
  • Look at the status of the batch jobs
    qstat -u <your_id>
  • Cancel a job
    qdel <job_id>
  • Copy the results back to your Desktop (on your desktop)
    scp<your_login_id></code>/* .