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 This page explains how to install and run netbeans from linux using the afs file system. 

You will need the following:

  1. Netbeans v5.5 - either installed locally, or check if it is installed on one of the system disks. The unix command 'which netbeans' will show if it is installed in afs.
  2. Maven plugin - from Under 'Install Mevenide' click 'Download this small autoupdate module' (you need this plugin even if 'which maven' shows that maven is installed on the system disk). If you see a bunch of gibberish when you click on 'autoupdate module' then right click on it and "save link as" into your netbeans directory.
  3. Global environment variables - set $MAVEN_HOME in the .cshrc file, e.g. $MAVEN_HOME  = /afs/
  4. Maven install instructions - to install Maven plugin and download netbeans. The page contains screenshots for the various installation steps.
  5. AFS disk space - enough read and write space for the netbeans files and any project/package that will eventually be checked out. Try 500 Mb.
  6. Memory -  anything less than 1Gb of memory still works, but at a very slow pace.
  7. Oracle driver - download ojdbc14.jar from Oracle. If prompted to logon to Oracle in order to download this file, and you don't have an Oracle account, contact Tony Johnson. Save the driver in your ./netbeans/.netbeans/5.5/apache-tomcat-5.5.17_base/common/lib directory. 
  8. catalina.policy file - edit this file and add the Oracle driver then restart the tomcat server.
  9. access to CVS - you will need access to Glast's CVS repository if you want to check out packages. Email Tony Johnson or Richard Dubois for CVS access permission.

Checking out a project:

     Once you have netbeans and maven, with the plugin, installed you will want to check out a project from CVS.