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  1. DQM Readiness for 2021 Run - Matt
  2. Reconstruction Readiness for the 2021 Run - All
  3. Preparing to reconstruct the "unblinded" 2019 data set - Norman
  4. AOB



 Norman, Matt Graham, Tongtong, Nathan


Due to the limited attendance there were no formal presentations. The distributed reconstruction set up at JLab has been tested and appears ready to use. Matt is working on finalizing some of the software. Nathan has prepared a confluence page with expert-level documentation which Matt will update with shifter-specific instructions.

Nathan reminded us that files smaller than 1MB on the cache disk do not get written to tape. A recent survey found a large number of such files, roughly half of which are MC related. These need either to be deleted if no longer needed or combined into larger files so they can be archived on tape.

Norman reported on continuing efforts to finalize the next round of reconstruction of the 2019 data.

Action Items: 

  •  Tongtong will review the small MC files currently on the cache disk at JLab and tar them up so they can be written to tape.