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Run_544 (13 deg)

Run_565 (62 deg)


17:50  Took a short run with cosmic telescope joining the main partition (so that trigger is driven by Ch-10 with NIM Quad discriminator cleanup). The FE-I4 data had no no double timing peak here in comparison to the standalone cosmicGui run just taken with trigger Ch-10 (TTL). This seems to indicate the standalone Ch-11 cosmic triggers was causing the double time peaks. The RTM ports were meant to be NIM so we were triggering on -ve undershoort after ripples of the main TTL trigger pulse ?    


RunStartEnd time#eventsRD53a DUTParticle rateComments
54111:4812:2210kC280hit/planeHV: 60 Lost beam for a couple minutes at beginning of run.
54212:2312:5610kC340hit/planeHV: 60
54413:0113:3410kC HV changed back to 100V for this and rest of runs
54613:4013:451.5kC, D Timon tuned SLAC module(D) but when the run was started no hits were seen and some sparse readout errors showed up.
55615:4516:199.9kC575hit/planeChanged angle to 60 degrees. SLAC module not connected; can't mount due to short screws. Forgot to reset histograms before start; rest around 800-900 events.
55816:3217:059.9kC20hits/planeAsked for smaller number of particles; aiming for MIMOSA->30 particles and RD53A->20.
56217:5018:032kC Added cosmic telescope to eudaq. Stopped because RCE producer died.
56819:5720:3010KC Asked for lower rate (5 particles/bcc) for tracking reconstructions. 2hits/plane for RD53A. 7hits/plane for MIMOSA.
57021:0421:3810KC Last run of the night.