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The Sun server for DUT readout is retired and removed from ESA. A new Kingdel fanless PC box running Centos 7 is setup by Matthias and moved into the Caladium rack to replace the old Sun server and also assumed the role of the host for the TLUProducer which communicates with the TLU through a local USB link in the rack. The new Kingdel box retained esadutdaq1 node name and the IP address of on the ESA_RESTRICTED network. 

The test associated with this was plagued by events not built errors when FE-I4 DUT were added to the DAQ. This was traced (Sep/11) to the missing ground connection between HSIO2 and TLU. The CAT6 cable cage between TLU DUT port and HSIO2 RTM was insufficient. HSIO2 RTM design consciously grounded the RJ45 cage to the cable cage contact, but the TLU DUT port probably didn't. So the kluge of a LEMO cable between any of the socket in the HSIO2 main board LEMO bank and the TLU DUT trigger LEMO port (e.g. the TTL trig0) is necessary to establish the DC reference level between HSIO2 and TLU.